SSB Guidance

Guidance for Service Selection Boards Interview

SSB Guidance at Invicta Defence Excellence Academy

SSB Interview preparation includes TWO CYCLES of 6 days each – Total of 65 hrs of guidance and counselling, and it starts on every Monday.  We Guide and NOT COACH the candidates.
The most experience ex - assessors - IO, Psychologist and the GTO  give the most valued assistance throughout.

Candidates are advised to contact at the Academy Office by the evening a day prior to the commencement of the course. 

Candidates, who miss the opportunity to join on scheduled SSB Interview guidance schedule on starting date, can join the the same on any day in between the provided dates and still complete the full 12 days/65 hrs guidance/counselling schedule.

Initial Screening

All aspirants would be subjected to a ‘Screening test’ before admission in order to assess his/her competence level so that the right guidance/counselling can be given 

Invicta endeavours to assist the candidates on every facet faced in SSB Interview examination. 

PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire), as the name suggests, is a form which is to be filled by each candidate at the SSB. We at this Academy emphasize greatly on the way a PIQ is to be filled as it reflects on the performance for selection at each day of assessment in SSB.

SSB Curriculum

The curriculum for SSB guidance/counselling follows the exact pattern of assessment that is followed day wise at the actual SSB. We have an Outdoor Tasks Area and Obstacle Course for Individual Tasks laid out on similar lines as would be found in an actual SSB. 

We persevere to maintain sincerity of purpose in developing an individual’s personality to ensure him/her success. 

We use the latest technology in teaching techniques to impart knowledge.


Day Day of week Schedule
1 Monday
  • Opening Address
  • Introduction to SSB
  • OLQ for SSB
  • OIR Introduction and Test
  • PP&DT
2 Tuesday
  • PIQ Form Filling and Explanation
  • Introduction to Psych Technique
  • TAT, WAT, SRT and SD
  • Psych Test
3 Wednesday
  • Introduction to Interview Technique
  • Communication Skills and Body Language in Interview
  • Tackling Emotions and balance approach to Interview – Mock Interview
  • Current Affairs
4 Thursday
  • Will Power and Self Confidence, Etiquette during Interview and Body Language
  • Introduction to GTO Technique
  • Conduct of GTO Tasks -Day 1
5 Friday Conduct of GTO Tasks -Day 2
6 Saturday
  • Conference Procedure
  • Individual Counselling by IO, Psych and GTO

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