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About Us

Invicta Defence Excellence Academy

Guided by the able leadership of Col Rishi Bharadwaj (Ex Psychologist), Col Rakesh Mishra (Ex IO), and Col Rajesh Vardhan (Ex GTO), Invicta Defence Excellence Academy is committed to transforming the aspirations of candidates aiming to join the prestigious Defence Services. While the traditional approach often involves rote memorisation and rigid guidelines, it tends to produce mechanical responses during SSB interviews. This approach inadvertently suppresses originality and hampers the growth of genuine personalities.
Invicta Defence Excellence Academy has emerged with a deep understanding of this challenge. Our focus lies in nurturing internal traits, allowing the natural enhancement of the 15 Officer Like Qualities assessed during SSBs. We also extend comprehensive support for candidates preparing for written exams conducted by UPSC for NDA/IMA/OTA. Our Academy is dedicated to those candidates who passionately envision a career as Defence Officers. We empower them with the tools to organically develop their personalities, ensuring they stand out in their pursuit of service to the nation.

Our Aim

Utilizing the 'Theory of Change,' we strategically guide Defence Services and SSB preparation, fostering candidates' personalities to align with military requirements and seamlessly integrating holistic development for comprehensive growth.


Our Academy's mission is to conduct a purposeful talent hunt for Defence Forces, refining candidates' personalities to match their requirements, enhancing their selection prospects, and concurrently serving as a feeder institute for the armed services.

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Our Team

Mentor Team

We enlist skilled Army Officers and capable directing staff, supported by adept academic faculty for thorough syllabus coverage. Employing modern techniques, we achieve notable success in exams, including 14 SSB recommendations and impactful coaching outcomes like NDA and CDS selections.