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SSB Guidance at Invicta Defence Excellence Academy

100+ selection in just two years makes Invicta the best academy for SSB in Jaipur for defence aspirants. With 3 (three) All In Rank1 ( AIR1) rank holders in various entries along with 9(nine) in Top 10 in AIR justifies the name ‘Invicta’. 

30 + selections in various written Exams in the past 1 Year exemplies the success rate which is unparalleled in Jaipur.

The coaching stands out due to personalized attention. Col Rishi Bharadwaj (Ex Psychologist), Col Rakesh Mishra (Ex IO), and Col Rajesh Vardhan (Ex GTO) provide detailed one-on-one counselling weekly until course completion. The SSB Interview preparation comprises three cycles of 6 days each, totalling 96 hours, or three weeks with two weeks complimentary, totalling around 150 hours. Processes commence every Monday.

The guidance is distinguished by being guided rather than coached, supported by highly experienced ex-SSB assessors – Col Rishi Bharadwaj, Col Rakesh Mishra, and Col Rajesh Vardhan.

Candidates are advised to contact the Academy Office a day before the course commencement. Flexibility is provided for those who miss the starting date, allowing them to join within the provided dates and complete the full guidance schedule.

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Come experience the wealth of expert guidance for SSB interview and methodical Written Exam Coaching……

SSB Guidance

Comprehensive SSB Guidance to include Psychologist assessment, GTO Tasks, Individual obstacles and Interview.

CDS Written Exam

The gateway to success at Combined Defence Services(CDS) examinations, requires.

AFCAT Written Exam

The written preparations and guidance for AFCAT examinations is handled by a very .

NDA Written Exam

The gateway to success at National Defence Academy(NDA) examinations, requires a holistic.