Why Invicta Defence Excellence Academy?


We "Guide" and Not “Coach”

The uniqueness of Invicta is its specialised and result oriented approach to SSB guidance. We are conscious of the big difference between "coaching" and "guidance". Since the SSB aims at evaluating personality, our entire efforts are targeted towards guiding aspirants to understand themselves better and give their best. Our experience has shown us that coaching students to respond / answer in a particular way (as practiced in certain institutes) actually causes more harm and prevents candidates from giving their best. However, guidance helps them to be natural while being at their best.

Result-Oriented Approach

All sessions at IDEA follow a very systematic approach, which includes complete familiarisation with the “two-stage” SSB Selection System and detailed discussions about the correct approach to the tests, followed by personalised evaluation and feedback.

Excellent Infrastructure

Our guidance centre is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure needed to impart guidance, both for the written examinations and for the SSB, giving the candidates a real feel of the entire process. We have a well-equipped classroom for conducting all tests and discussion sessions. Further, our guidance centre is one of the few institutes that has full size GTO tasks for PGT / HGT / etc. Our GTO ground helps the candidates to get a real time experience of group discussions and such other group activities, almost akin to what they would face at the SSB.

Hostel Facilities

Only academy which lends food and lodging facilities, IDEA takes care of the student’s stay as well. Hostels ranging at low cost from Rs 350 per day to Rs 600 per day are available, along with provision of AC/Cooler, attendance register, CCTV cameras, appropriate warden. Moreover, the hostels are near by Academy premises.