Top AFCAT Mistakes to be Avoided

Most of the aspirants probably have applied for the AFCAT exam. This exam is conducted by Indian Air Force. If you are thinking that where you could admit your card, you need to go and inspect the official site to grab more. You must prepare your exam plan in advance much before the dates of AFCAT Exam. This way supports a lot to keep you free from undesired stress. Since you have already started the preparation in advance, you would not be getting worried at all. If you are looking for the best AFCAT coaching in Jaipur, you can go for Invicta Defence Excellence Academy. It provides the best Defence coaching in Jaipur.

You need to make sure that you do not make mistakes while preparing for the AFCAT Examination. So, Invicta Defence Academy in Jaipur is going to share the Mistakes to be avoided in a detailed manner. You need to notice all these mistakes so that you do not become the victims of these mistakes. Let us check them out – 

·        Never Fill Two Form Using the Same Email-Id- First, you must not fill two forms going with the same email id. Most students often make this kind of mistake. You need to keep in mind that if you have made this kind of mistake, then you should submit the form with another email id. Experts say that applicant should use the same email ID if they have already used it once since they do not take it if going with the same email id ever. And once you are done with the form submission process, you should to keep your email active all across the selection process to stay away from the confusion.

·        You Must Not Mark Anything on your OMR Sheet– Yes, this is very important that you should not mark anything on the OMR Sheet. You need to be very careful while tackling with your sheet. Your OMR sheet does go through a sophisticated correction system. Any kind of alternation must not be done there otherwise; it may disqualify you.

·        Do Not Mark Your Answer if you are Unsure– You must not mark your answer if you are not sure much. You have to believe that negative marking can truly mitigate your chances. You must keep in mind that you will be having 50 questions. Here, it is needed to be mentioned that it is quite more than enough to be needed to qualify for this exam. If you are preparing for your exam keep these things in mind then you would not regret it later. 

·        Never Waste your Time Doing the Difficult Section– You must not waste your precious time in doing any sort of difficult questions or section. You need to keep in your mind that every question come up with the same marks disregarding of the fact how difficult it is.

·        Do Not Forget Your Email ID– You must not forget your Email ID as it is supposed to bring in use to check results along with the online SSB Centre selection. To put in clear words, it could be said that all types of future correspondence would be done through your email ID. Here, it is very important to keep everything active as well as in the continuous process.

Apart from the above-mentioned mistakes, you should not avoid any of them while giving AFCAT CDS NDA SSB interview. You need to be assured that you do not report lately. You need to be attentive as well as quick. You need to plan your AFCAT journey in a very ideal manner. You are supposed to be in the AFCAT examination and therefore you are not allowed to make any kind excuse at all. 

Moreover, you must not forget to carry your passport-size photograph if you are going to attend the AFCAT written exam indeed. You also need to be very much sure that you have taken all important documents to your bags indeed. You will not be able to make any sort of excuses since they are not worthy to be accepted as an excuse. 

You also need to have a control on your tantrums. You cannot go in front of them and demand king-like privilege from the Interview officers. You need to learn how you can make an ideal grip over your each and every issue. You cannot crib all the time as like you are not having enough dessert, your TV is not working, and so on. You are here to perform your duty being an Aspirant. You are not supposed to do this kind of behaviour at all. You need to be very responsive and serious towards your AFCAT written exam