Seven mistakes to be Avoided while preparing for NDA Exam

Lakshya- Hi Rohan, how are you!

Rohan- Hi Lakshya, I am good, you say

Lakshya- Fine

Rohan- So, Congratulations for been selected for IAS

Lakshya- Oh thanks, how did you get it.

Rohan- Well, your dad came to my house yesterday then he told us.

Lakshya- Ok great, Hey Tell me about yourself what about your result from NDA Exam.

Rohan- Yeah, this is 3rd time I was not selected, I have done all things my institute told me but I don’t know why I am getting rejected.

Lakshya- Maybe you’re doing some mistakes while preparing for your exam.

Rohan- Please help me bro. And after that, tell me the Best NDA Coaching in Jaipur.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) holds NDA Exam every year to permit admission of the candidates who are eligible in Indian Defense Force. More than 1 lakh students apply for this exam every year to save their admission in ARMY, Air force and Navy, but only some of the candidates were selected how cracked this exam properly.


1.   Not giving priority to all the subjects-

There are many Candidates who don’t pay attention on all topics, some of them don’t give importance to all the subjects, they just mainly focused on the topics that had been recommended by experts and some recommend last year papers solved or unsolved. This is an incorrect method of preparing for the exams. They should give equal priority to all the subjects with each and every topic, they should practice all the theories and practical things from each and every subject.


2.   Not looking forward through exam pattern-

The Main mistake that every student does is that they don’t look at the examination syllabus pattern. If I talk about NDA examination Exam Pattern and Syllabus plays major role. Students should take every knowledge to prepare the strategy effectively. Once the applicants have understood carefully the curriculum and the examination pattern, they can cover relevant subjects without any time wasted and also the examination format to prepare for the examination accordingly.


3.   Not Taking mock tests-

During the NDA Preparation, avoiding mock tests is regarded as a serious blunder. It is critical to have speed and accuracy when answering questions on the actual exam. Because there is negative marking in the Mathematics and GAT Sections, it is critical for candidates to practice as much as possible in order to identify their weak areas and devote extra time to improving them.


4.   Avoiding NCERT Books -

The vast bulk of aspirants avoid or skip the NCERT books and rather than begin their preparation with reference and advanced books. This is one of the most common mistakes made by NDA aspirants. As a consequence, it is critical for aspirants to first master the fundamental concepts from the NCERT books before moving on to the advanced books. NCERT books are easily accessible to candidates in nearby stores as well as online from the official website.


5.   Not solving previous year question paper-

During preparation of the previous year, some candidates tend to overlook the solution of the question papers. The resolution of the Question Paper from the previous year can familiarize you with the exam format, important weighting issues and difficulty level. The applicants are therefore recommended to refer to the last 5 years' question paper at least to have an insight into each year's sort of questions.


6.   Not taking Current Affairs seriously-

One of the typical mistake candidates neglect in the last are current events or not to give sufficient time to the parts while preparation for the NDA examination. The GAT part contains 400 marks in the General Knowledge Section. Thus, it is suggested that candidates use credible sources to read current affairs every day and keep up to date with newspapers.


7.   Avoiding Revisions-

The NDA students also make a common mistake in ignoring regular revisions. Since the NDA exam material is significantly larger, a number of subjects have been learned during preparation can be overlooked. Therefore, concise notes about key topics must be maintained and often revised.


So, this is a mistake that every student makes while preparing for NDA examination.

Lakshya- I hope Rohan, you got the mistakes that you and aspirants like you are doing.

Rohan-I got your points bro. And yes, which coaching did you join for NDA Preparation; is that coaching good enough.

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Rohan- Thank you so much for your valuable guiding. I will join Invicta Defence today onwards.