How Tough is SSB Exam

Service Selection Board interview is six-day process, in which your personality will be monitored and will be matched with the suitability of joining the forces. If you are suitable, you will get recommended otherwise not. People who are getting recommended have different opinions, and those who are not getting recommended have yet another opinion. It is Obvious that before going for SSB, everyone try to collect as much of information regarding SSB as possible. Here Invicta Defence Excellence Academy will show you that how difficult SSB interview is? Before beginning, SSB is not a normal job interview where you have to study your head off in order to crack it.


It does not check your knowledge much; it checks your suitability for the forces. This kind of suitability is not entirely based on your knowledge. So, you can say that SSB is a multidimensional interview. It checks a person’s entire personality. Secondly, SSB is not the basis of judging you unlike other exams, it does not see whether you are good for doing something in your life or not, but it checks your suitability for the forces. Even if you do not crack SSB, you can still perform very well in other fields. The entire selection procedure of the SSB is based on the 15 Officer Like Qualities, which a candidate must have in order to be suitable for the forces.

In SSB interview, your personality is under continuous check. Each of your aspect is observed minutely and closely. You can have an idea from the fact that you are checked in every aspect. You are checked for the basic aptitude of an officer in screening tests, you are checked for your thought in the psychological testing, you are checked for your physical fitness and group behaviour in the Ground Test, you are checked individually when you are in the interview with the Interviewing Officer. The people in the board are really very experienced. They will easily catch you if you will be lying.

All these tests in SSB are meant to test you under pressure. This is because the reason that in real life situation, an officer has to perform judiciously and efficiently under every kind of situation, so a candidate should give positive response under pressure. The limitation of time is applied in the testing and most of the tests are designed in such a way that they get difficult with the time. The level of difficulty is not very hard. If you study closely, you will realize that SSB is more about logic and positive skills than intelligence. Of course, the basic intelligence should be there. The reason why you are told to be honest all the time is because that if you lie and somehow get selected, then you might suffer a lot in the training and even in service because your personality is not meant for whatever you told. So here can be the conclusion that it is not hard to crack SSB Exam but it is somewhere tricky. You are expected to be genuine all the time you answer. Being logical and practical is more required in SSB than being intelligence.

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