How to Prepare for NDA 2021 Exam?

UPSC organizes the National Defence Academy exam to recruit candidates for Air Force, Indian Military (Army), and for the Indian Navy twice every year. The NDA 1 2021 Exam was conducted on April 18, 2021, and NDA 2 is scheduled for November 14, 2021.

The process of NDA selection consists of a written test and a personality-intelligence test called SSB Interview. The candidates, who clear both the rounds, are then recommended for the final selection.

You will have to build a suitable personality, work on your spoken language, general knowledge, and other factors. To help you out with such factors, Invicta Defence Academy provide you the best NDA Preparation Tips:

  • Thorough Knowledge of the NDA Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Before jumping through the preparation phase, get a printed copy of the NDA syllabus and Exam pattern. The syllabus can be accessed here

These things will help candidates to cover the topics one by one and plan the timetable accordingly. The NDA written exam has two subjects – mathematics and general ability test. It is very important to get your hands on the best books and study materials for the exam.

  • Create a Customized Time-table

Candidates must know the remaining preparation time for the written exam, and they should make a list of how many topics are required to be completed and from that find out how much time it will take to complete everything. Based on that, allocate your time wisely for every subject as well as your other activity.

·        Clear Your Basics

Firstly, you should clear your basic concept by following the NCERT Books and then start off by brushing up on the theories of concepts that you have already covered. Then those topics which are untouched, start with clearing the basic understanding.

·        Make Short Notes

While doing preparation work for NDA, a very large number of books and notes have to be maintained. Therefore, it is better to write short notes which can be handled, and you can revise them without taking much time and which are actually useful and important

·        Track Current Events

All the major events that have taken place in India or the world in the last five years are very crucial. Make a habit to watch the news, reading the newspapers, listening to the interviews of famous personalities, keeping track of all the awards and prizes, on a daily basis.

·        Stay Fit 

You can’t afford to lose health and stamina. Always remember that we are talking about National Defence Academy here, you have to treat your health as a priority. To maintain a proper diet filled with nutritious food, regular exercise, or yoga is mandatory and at least 6 – 8 hours of sleep is required as well.

How to Prepare for the NDA Math Section?

  • Mathematics is a very important subject for you if you are planning to face the NDA Exam.
  • Candidates must obtain the speed of making calculations, as you can’t waste time in calculations while solving the mathematics section at much extent.
  • Get Start to preparing the essential topics first, at the same time, delegate time for the difficult topics.
  • For a better practice, take previous years papers and sample papers under consideration.
  • Memorize all simple calculations such as squares and cubes and learn tips, tricks, and shortcuts for efficient time management.
  • As you know that there is negative marking in the exam, they should mark the answer only if they are sure about it. Never guess the answers during the exam.

NDA Last Minute Tips

  • In your last few days, never go for the uncovered topics. Try to practice the previous years’ papers and sample question papers.
  • Eat healthy Diet and sleep for at least 8 hours, which will help your mind to stay active and focused.
  • Revise all the short notes that you have made while the preparation.
  • Reach the location of the exam centres 1 day before the exam with required documents, which will help you to avoid any possibilities of being late.
  • As you already know that there is a negative marking scheme applicable in the NDA Exam. Therefore, try to avoid making useless guesses in the exam.
  • Invest the exam duration wisely. Go for the easier answers firstly and do not waste time in predicting answers.

How to make preparation for the GAT section of the NDA 2021?

  • While preparing for NDA, your basic concepts must be cleared of Physics, chemistry, and biology from the NCERT Books of Class XI & XII.
  • For History, Civics, and Economics, you need to memorize a few major concepts, but nothing tricky.
  • GAT covers the major portion of the NDA test and so, you can never ignore any aspect of this section.
  • Go through the whole syllabus for the GAT section very carefully and prepare for each and every topic mentioned under the heading.
  • For English in this section, revise up on all the grammar rules.


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