10 Common Mistakes to be Avoided while Preparing for CDS Exam

1.    You think the exam is tough- Never think that CDS Exam is tough. CDS is not that tough. This thing is told many times to many aspirants out. The moment you believe the exam as tough or easy or whatever, you subconsciously are decreasing your level of chances of cracking the exam. So, the suggestion to you is, CDS is just CDS. You will surely crack it if you prepare for it. And you don’t crack it if you are not prepared for it. It is crystal clear to understand.


2.    You took Indian Polity for granted- The moment you do this, you are tremendously diminishing your chances of selection. Have you ever wondered about the level of confidence increased that you receive during the examination just by attempting the Polity questions and you are sure that they will going to be correct. And yes, the same rule goes with the Indian History too.


3.    You take some topics of History for granted- For example, you don’t study what are four Vedas, what is the appearance of Buddhism in India, what are the various rivers that carried significance during some historical events etc. But It is sure that you will be studying regarding the Mughals and the others – something which is genuinely generic. In these cases, you must remember, that what is normally known to everybody will not be asked in History. Absolutely not. If such basic question however pops up to be appeared, then view it to be a one in a million chance.


4.    You do not practice Mathematics- Stop seeing Mathematics with a short-sightedness. What this paper can permit you is something really astonishing. Keep in your mind that it is the Mathematics paper that will decide about your result in the CDS Examination.


5.    Have knowledge about international organizations- It can be possible, you are expected to know things regarding the G4, G7, G10, SAARC, BIMSTEC, World Bank, SCO, etc. and various kind of coalitions. Where is their recent meeting are held (or going to be held), what is their motto, who are its members, what actually do they do, etc. Regarding these, you should have a lot of information.


6.    Practice Physics- Clearly, only Physics is not a deciding factor, but this does carry a particular amount of importance.


7.    Start reading English newspapers- Make a habit of reading English Newspaper. This will help to improve your vocabulary.


8.    Do not leave Group Discussion for the last moment- This will not be helping you. Either you will end up with teaching someone or end up just learning something from someone on whom you have belief blindly. It is a suggestion for you that always go through trusted resources and in much superior way.

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